Review Corine de Farme Soin Hydratant Lumier

Once I know that I’m pregnant, the first thing I checked on my beauty collection is my skincare ingredient safety for pregnancy. I find that some of my old skincare are containing Paraben. Even though Paraben is not one of the 4 restricted ingredient to use during pregnancy based on this site, I still decided to avoid it during my pregnancy.

However sadly, my trusted SK II and Hada Labo moisturizer has Paraben in its ingredient list 😦 So I immediately search for an alternative of a Paraben-free moisturizer.

I checked on almost every product in Guardian PIM I that day, and then I was introduced to this double duty moisturizer and UV protection product by Guardian’s salesclerk, Corine de Farme Soin Hydratant Lumier.


I bought it for IDR 195,000,-



It comes in a 50 ml bottle with a pump. Hygiene and efficient. JessyIbrahim_Review_CorineDeFarme_PregnancySkinCare



It’s a gel moisturizer, fells light and smooth when applied on to skin. It has a pretty strong lychee smells that soon disappear after application.

I pump Corine de Farme Soin Hydratant Lumier on my hand and rub both of my hands together to spread the product, then massage the product on to skin.


One pump is all I need to cover my whole face, including my eye and neck area.

I use it twice a day, in the morning and at night.

My Verdict:
I like this Corine de Farme Soin Hydratant Lumier. I’ve been use it for 5 months now.

It saves my time and energy in terms of application, because it’s a moisturizer with UV protection. It feels light, not oily, and give enough moisture to my super dry and sensitive pregnancy skin. Like I said, I only use it twice a day, and I don’t have to reapply it again at noon even though I work in an air conditioned environment all day.

The other best part is, since I have mioma, I’m really strict in avoiding food and products that using or contacting soy. And fortunately, even though Corine de Farme Soin Hydratant Lumier claims using natural ingredient, it doesn’t contain any soy oil or other soy form.

However, the only downside I can find of Corine de Farme Soin Hydratant Lumier is it doesn’t explain how much UV protection it gives and does it offer UVA and UVB protection. And for those who have allergy to alcohol, so sorry because they have alcohol in the ingredient list.

Well, I hope this review can help you searching for paraben-free product and can be your alternative skincare that safe for pregnancy 🙂

Love: Jessy Ibrahim


This post is not sponsored, and it's based on my personal experience and judgment. 
And because everyone's skin types & skin conditions are different, the end result may vary on each person.
I am not a skin expert nor cosmetic expert, if you have to please consult to the expert prior any purchase.

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