First Trimester Experience

My first trimester of pregnancy was like roller-coaster. I even had my low point and wondering how tough other moms are if pregnancy felt that hard.  Well since now I’m in my pregnancy leave, in this post, I wanna share how was my first trimester experience and how I overcome obstacle that happened at that time. Hope it will give you some perspective whether you’re in first trimester of pregnancy, or on pregnancy preparation.

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Please be noted, that everybody is different, so my experience may be different from other people’s pregnancy experience. This post is merely for the sake of my own documentation and sharing some tips & recommendation for those in need.

1. Feeling Chilly
I never fond of cold weather, moreover in this pregnancy, I become more sensitive to cold. My husband even wonders why I can stand to be in a room without AC while he was already sweating.

What’s challenging is my working desk at the office is right bellow centralized AC. So in order to be able to work, I have to use layers of cloths; thank top, then blouse, then blazer, pashmina – it sometimes works as headscarf to cover my head when the room was super cold, and husband’s leather jacket. I also store a pair of socks, just in case 😉

Before pregnant, I usually like working in skirt, now I toss away my skirt and use trousers only – so my feet won’t get cold. This also happens when I was going to a Mall, always prepare cardigan or pashmina in my bag.

2. Feeling Nauseating
In the early stage of pregnancy, in week 6 to 7, I still can bear with nausea and bloating sensation. What I did was only drinking warm water and constantly eating every hour. I usually eat cookies, crackers, dates, and minty or chewy-sweet-candy.

However, entering my 8th week – 2nd month of pregnancy, I can bear no more with nauseating feeling which caused me throw up few times a day. This happened almost every day. Besides that, I can’t stand the striking light from the sun during the day. It makes me even dizzier! So a polarized sunglasses is my new best friend.

The worst week was when in my 10 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. I had excessive throw up that almost caused my baby dehydration and my womb contracted. What scares me was I didn’t feel any pain because of the contraction, it made me clueless.

My Tips:

  • Constantly eat, better in small portion but frequent and drink plenty of water, preferably warm.
  • Always have your favorite snacks handy, in your bag, car, work desk even near your bed to combat midnight bloating.
  • Try to drink more water and eat something to refill your tummy after throw up to substitute nutrition and mineral that wasted.

3. Food Craving or “Ngidam
In my 1-5 week of pregnancy, I felt my appetite for food increasing. I was eating like a horse!

But entering my 2 months or pregnancy, I started to lose my appetite because of nausea and bloated sensation. I even lost my appetite for fish dish, broccoli and some fruits that I used to love – because I throw up every time I eat certain watery fruit like pear, melon, and orange. I was a devoted pescatarian because of my mioma. But in my early stage of pregnancy, I reluctant to eat fish dish and crave more for beef and sometimes chicken dish. Especially what’s on my husband’s and my close friends’ plate. Oh, others plates always look more tempting than mine 😀

Anyway, in my defense, food craving, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, is not necessarily because the pregnant lady wants to be spoiled, but because of losing appetite so the pregnant lady imagine what food that appealing to eat with hope that we can eat it much for the sake of giving nutrition for the baby. Agree no? 😀

4. Skincare and Make Up Concern
Ever since my husband and I knew that I am pregnant, he told me to check all my make up and skin care ingredient’s safety for pregnancy. To my surprise, there are so many products that contain unsafe ingredient for pregnancy.

I refer to this site for reference of pregnancy skincare safety ingredient-list and you can also simply ask your OB/GYN’s reference.

My daily ritual was already simple, and I keep it even simpler during my pregnancy. Since I didn’t have the energy to put and to cleanse much make up. It’s just double-duty moisturizer with UV protection, fixing my eyebrow, powder, and lip-product. Maybe I’ll share more about products I use during my pregnancy on another post 😉

5. Dry skin and Acne
In my whole life, I always have oily skin which most of the time along with breakouts. However, in my early stage of pregnancy, my forehead, cheek, and lips became super dry. And followed by massive breakouts along my jawline, and chin. It scared the hell out of me and my husband – he even urged me to see dermatologist.

Once we knew that I am pregnant, suddenly everything makes sense. Pregnancy hormones do their job well. Until my third semester, the pregnancy acne still continuously comes and go.

What I did was just making sure I cleansed my face, moisturized well and not stressed it out. And yes, I didn’t use any acne treatment because some acne treatment’s ingredient is under restricted skin care and make up ingredients for pregnancy. I took the bold step of not taking my chance trying to find alternative cure and just embrace this pregnancy acne and use concealer to cover it for some occasion.

6. Exercise
My doctor said it’s ok to swim during my first trimester of pregnancy, but I lost my energy to dizzy, nausea, and bloating. So I only do simple stretching to release tension on my back, and neck. And started to do exercise from this video few times a week on my 13 weeks of pregnancy:

7. Outfit and Undies
My usual bra and almost all my pants and skirts started to feel uncomfortable to be worn when entering my 2 months of pregnancy. So I bought some new bras – I like the un-wired but still give good support type of bra- and some bra-extender to prolong some of my old bra usages.

As for pants, I bought couple pair from Instagram @thegoodwholesaler. Which is actually not a maternity pant, but it has a rubber adjustment on the waistband and the pants material is stretch. It’s enough to fit my not-yet-visible-bumps and still look presentable for work and play. My suggestion for you is if you are an M or probably already gain some weight to an L size, buy the XL size instead of the All Size if you don’t want your pants to be too tight.

I also receive some of my sister in-law’s preloved maternity pants and some maternity dresses.

My Opinion:
No need to be shy of receiving and using preloved items. By receiving preloved items, I get more time to do research prior stocking good maternity outfit, and most of all, I can save money!

8. Myoma during my pregnancy

My husband and I were so worried that the myoma in my womb could affect our baby’s growth. I once asked my doctor about my mioma, was it getting bigger etc, and he firmly told me to focus myself on my baby’s growth instead of concerning about the mioma.

He said the size of my myoma gets bigger as the womb stretches and gets bigger too. But I shouldn’t be worry about that as long as he said nothing about the mioma that I have to worry about. This rules applied for other things that I heard in social media or books about things to concern in pregnancy.

He said, instead of worrying about myoma, I should be more worry about how to give the best nutrition for the baby’s growth inside me while I had no appetite to eat and puking excessively.

Exactly like what I shared on this post, the key in pregnancy is:

Don’t worry to things that they – your OB/GYNs- didn’t mention you should be concerned.

The aim is so that the pregnant lady can always be positive, enjoy, and happy along the pregnancy, so that the baby that grow inside her womb, would feel the same way too.


If you have the same tough experience or even tougher than my first trimester experience, I say it’s really understandable to express how you feel. But be selective in choosing to whom you are expressing your feeling to – make sure that person won’t be judgy and brings you even down.

I also had my lowest moment and did express it by crying to my dear husband. It doesn’t mean that I am not thank full for my pregnancy. I was just seeking for comfort and support of my hard time. It was also doesn’t make me not a good mom-to-be because I do take a very good care of my pregnancy, find the solution for every obstacle I found and love my growing-baby so much.

Well, no matter how hard your first trimester was, try not to stress it out, be thankful and enjoy the presence of this growing little angel inside you 🙂

Love: Jessy Ibrahim


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